Emergency Relief floods Asia – summer 2017

Monsoon rains in Asia cause considerable flooding. The disaster has already cost 900 lives in Bangladesh, India and Nepal. Entire villages have been submerged. About 41 million people are affected by the floods.

What’s going on in Asia?

In this region, monsoon rain falls each August. This time, however, the rainfall was harder, lasted longer and was spread over a larger area, making the damage more extensive. Villages have been washed away, covered by mud and are hard to reach.

The monsoon also affected large agricultural areas. People fear a bad harvest. Stationary water also poses a health threat in the region. An outbreak of infectious diseases is imminent.

Who’s helping?

Woord en Daad is part of the ‘Christian Emergency Relief Cluster’. The Cluster partners working in this region are ‘Red een Kind’, Tear, Woord en Daad and ZOA. They have started a joint emergency relief campaign.

What Woord en Daad does

The Christian Emergency Relief Cluster focusses on primary needs. Therefore Woord en Daad, together with its partners, focuses on good food, drinking water and shelter. In India, most victims are in the northern states. Here and in Bangladesh tents, blankets and clothes are handed out, and medical support is given to combat diseases arising from floods. In Myanmar, where the problems are also growing, food is distributed to the flood victims.


Help us provide relief

We need your support to help as many victims as possible. Please use the “Support us” button or go to our Support page.

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