Agricultural development

Fair product chains

From farmer to factory worker to consumer.

Beans, pineapple, chocolate: a lot of what you eat is grown in countries in the South. In these countries, agriculture and livestock farming represent at least half of the national income. Investment in the agricultural sector is therefore a top priority.

We believe in the power of developing countries to produce their own food. That is why we invest in factories with social impact. With a profit for all parties involved, from farmer to factory worker.

What are we working on?

  • Training and support for small farmers
  • Employment for factory workers
  • Fair factories with an impact on the whole community
  • Flourishing product chains with profits for each country

The Fair Factory concept is central in our working methods.

Give for fair production chains with a profit for all.

Your donation will be used within this area of expertise where it is most needed.


trained farmers and entrepreneurs


farmers with access to finance


farmers who deliver products to ‘Fair Factory’s’


new created jobs

young mother from Benin working in the cashew factory

‘I like to work in the factory, because I now have a stable income.’

Farmer from Uganda who received training

‘Last year I harvested 1,500 kg of sorghum. I think I will make more profit than ever, a blessing for my family.’

Director of the cashew factory in Benin

‘Integrity, unity and respect are values we put central in our factory.’

Support fair product chains

Without the commitment and generosity of our donors, Woord en Daad would not be able to fulfill its tasks. It is for that reason that your donation is more than welcome.

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