Awareness Raising

Living differently; in the interest of our distant neighbors

Woord en Daad and our supporters often ask the question; what can we do to further improve the lives of people living in developing countries? The answer is not to just simply give them money. We believe that a more holistic approach is best. We must strive to think and live differently, in attempting to advance the interests of the poor on the other side of the world. For instance, we must consider the overall impact on the environment through the products we buy daily. The questions we must ask are; Do the producers in the South get a fair price? How does it impact natural resources all over the world? What are the long-term consequences for the earth and for the poor?

At the table!

As a result of these considerations, Woord en Daad is attempting to draw attention to the great waste of food. Statistics show that approximately 1/3 of all of our food is wasted. In a world where so many go hungry, this can’t be right. From the biblical principles of environmental stewardship and social justice we are striving to address this huge global food loss. Our campaign “At the Table! Waste on the menu” challenges all people, young and old, to not waste food; and thus contribute to a more fair world. For more information, please look at our campaign webpage “At the Table!” (in Dutch).

“Proudly the women farmers showed their beautiful green fields, during our visit to Drops4Crops in Burkina Faso. I clearly saw the difference made through the cooperation with Woord en Daad”

“Marleen van Dienst – Aan Tafel! supporter”

Support food awareness

Without the commitment and generosity of our donors, Woord en Daad would not be able to fulfill its tasks. It is for that reason that your donation is more than welcome.

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