The Education program seeks to contribute to the transformation of vulnerable children and youth into responsible citizens through systemic changes in their environment. The program contributes mainly to SDG 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

We will continue our sponsorship program and particularly sponsor more children in Sub-Sahara Africa. Our ambition is to better align the sponsorship strategy with the sector strategy of INCE, the International Network for Christian Education. With children and youth as ultimate target group, we will develop interventions for systemic changes in their environment, and thus our focus includes their families and communities, the schools and educational sector organizations and especially also governments, as key responsible system actors. Through our INCE partnerships we aim to influence policies, capacities of education partners and socio-cultural norms in education, and together develop market-driven responses for quality education. Within the systemic approach a new focus is on exploited children who fall outside the mainstream educational system. We will develop interventions to address root causes of exploitation and harmful practices focussed on restoration of these children.

Improving educational quality

In 2019, we initiated the International Network for Christian Education (INCE). In order to ensure a better future for youngsters worldwide, INCE improves educational quality through value based systemic change. Our aim is to achieve quality Christian education at the national level in each country involved.

INCE works with five result areas:

  1. Quality learning facilitators
  2. Future proof learning content
  3. Stimulating learning environment
  4. Collaborative engagement
  5. Regulating and supportive government policy

Support good quality and Christian education

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