Learning for Life!

Education is the basis of everyone’s development as a person. But it is not only about children going to school. Education also has to be of good quality. For Woord en Daad the child comes first. Yet the school, the community and the society are determining factors in the development of the child. That is why Woord en Daad works on different areas and with various partners on the quality of Christian education. So that more and more children can grow into independent adults.

Improving educational quality

In 2019, we initiated the International Network for Christian Education (INCE). In order to ensure a better future for youngsters worldwide, INCE improves educational quality through value based systemic change. Our aim is to achieve quality Christian education at the national level in each country involved.

INCE works with five result areas:

  1. Quality learning facilitators
  2. Future proof learning content
  3. Stimulating learning environment
  4. Collaborative engagement
  5. Regulating and supportive government policy

Astrid Irlanda Xicay,
teacher from Guatemala

‘I see the children of my class grow in many respects’

Support good quality, Christian education

Without the commitment and generosity of our donors, Woord en Daad would not be able to fulfill its tasks. It is for that reason that your donation is more than welcome.

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