Emergency relief and resilience

Natural disasters are becoming more  and more frequent worldwide. We are called and would like to assist our vulnerable neighbor in need, and provide emergency relief immediately after a natural disaster. We provide our assistance through local partner organizations By supporting that what is best in each organization the highest possible result is reached.

After acute emergency relief, we focus on resilience. We analyze how a community can become stronger and more resilient. We help strengthen the region in such a way that it can better handle a possible future disaster. Emergency aid is not a one-off intervention, but a long-term plan.

Using the funds provided by donors we focus on providing assistance at different levels in order to make the disaster struck area a better place. Sometimes even better than it was before disaster struck. Education, income, education and clean drinking water are all important for restoring a good life after a disaster.

Resilience before disaster

Disasters like earth quakes are hardly predictable, but disasters like droughts develop over several years. That gives us an opportunity to act before the real disaster strikes. In these regions we focus on resilience. We support the local communities to face those challenges. An example is the project in Shalla (Ethiopia). In this dry region we support local communities with a sustainable water infrastructure.Together we work towards resilience worldwide.

Depending on the location and the type of help needed, we normally work together with the Christian Emergency Relief Cluster, consisting of six Dutch Christian organizations in the field of emergency relief and development.

People and mentality

Woord en Daad makes people aware of talents and responsibilities. Without ignoring the real challenges we would like to show that with a positive attitude real and positive change can be realized.

Environment and economy

Woord en Daad works together with professional local organizations, governments and companies that turn the challenges of the environment into opportunities. When providing the necessary aid we have a keen eye for the stimulation of the local economy; its industry, the agricultural activities as well as the trade that takes place. We try to stimulate and if possible improve these sectors while not losing sight of the needs of the natural environment.

Long-term approach

Woord en Daad believes that collaboration is necessary to safeguard the long-term impact of projects. That means help in connecting with, for example, housing, water systems, increasing income and restoring harmony.

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