Employable Youth in Ethiopia

Give 27,000 young people the chance to build a brighter future close to home!

In the southern part of Ethiopia, 60% of young people plan to migrate from the rural areas to the cities, and then to wherever they feel is the best option. For many youngsters in Eastern, Western and Northern Africa, a new future on the other side of the Mediterranean or Erythraean Sea looks promising. In reality, their future in Europe is not much better, if not worse than where they came from. Human trafficking, (sexual) abuse and exploitation are regular problems, and they also have to survive the dangerous sea crossing. Therefore it is vital to offer them a serious alternative in their own region.

Together with other Dutch and Ethiopian organizations, a plan was developed to strengthen vocational education and job opportunities for young people in the Southern region. Entrepreneurs, various levels of the government, communities and vocational training institutes have joined forces to ensure the relevance of education, to increase job opportunities for young people and to contribute to economic growth in the region. This project’s goal is to provide jobs or self-employment for at least 27,000 young people!

Download this project description for more information.

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