Job Booster: Making employment work

Help make the connection for 250,000 youngsters between their education and employment.

Finding qualified employees is a challenge for many businesses, even in a context where there are many job seekers. Quite often there is a disconnect between (vocational) education and employment, which we believe is solvable. The Job Booster provides services aimed at matching the demand and offer on the labour market. Arranging demand-driven (re)training will be part of Job Booster’s services. This scalable approach will allow for tens of thousands of connections between job seekers and businesses looking for employees!

The services offered by the Job Booster will mainly consist of arrangements between employees and employers (and sometimes governments and training providers). While there will be no need for a large-scale organization, we will be investing in very qualified personnel with proven experience to market the activities towards employers and ensure proper matchmaking between the different actors. This Job Booster should be financially sustainable in 5 years, as the services will be paid for by the requesting parties.

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