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Getting started for a better future

Do you have a job? To take care of yourself gives you self-confidence. Even more if your children can go to school thanks to your income. Therefore, we are committed to create work and income for vulnerable groups. We offer vocational training and job placement. A job gives young people perspective and self-esteem. They do not need to depend on others, but can take care of themselves and the people around them. One person who gets a job means a better life for on average 4 persons.


young people at work in 2021


family members and friends experiencing the positive impact

Work for a better future

The Job Booster program focusses on an integrated approach to employment. Because a job gives self-esteem, income and hope for a better future.

  • Vocational training for young people in growth sectors
  • Local demand for employees is leading
  • Life skills and Christian education in the program
  • Job placement and coaching to a job

‘After my primary education I did not continue my education. Yet after a few years I wanted to study again. With a good job you can be independent. That is necessary, because my parents have died. One day, I hope to open my own fashion store.’

FoüdatouStudent Fashion and Couture – Burkina Faso

‘A few years ago I wanted to emigrate from my country, I had few opportunities on the labor market. After two trainings I opened my own hairdressing shop with donated equipment. By now it is running well. I stayed in my country and I am building my future.’

AlamuHairdresser - EthiopiaRead Alamu’s impact story in the annual report -page 14

‘I have gained a lot of practical experience, amongst others with a lathe and a milling machine. That’s no book wisdom, I really acquired skills. Next to these practical skills I learned many other things, like a positive mindset and a professional work attitude. Besides that, we have practiced job interviews, so I have a lot of confidence in the future.’

MithunGraduate Mechanical Engineering – Bangladesh

Support work for a better future

Without the commitment and generosity of our donors, Woord en Daad would not be able to fulfill its tasks. It is for that reason that your donation is more than welcome.

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