Next stop Benin! Building a consortium

The government in Benin says it is neutral and therefore it prefers schools without any religious identity. Nevertheless there are Christian organizations in Benin focusing on education, there are Christian schools and Christian teachers. The INCE program in this west African country is in its early stages. Cees Oosterhuis, project leader, gives a short update: ‘We have a core partner, Dedras and now we’re analyzing the organizations focusing on Christian education. The aim is to select six more organizations to create a consortium. One of the biggest challenges is getting an overview of the number of Christian schools in the country. The government says it’s neutral and therefore the database of all schools doesn’t give an insight into the identity of the schools. Another important question is: how can we support Christian teachers who work at a public school? They’re not allowed to be openly Christian, but how can their faith influence in their work?’

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