Sustainable Water

Clean water and a healthy environment for everyone

Water is of vital importance and plays a crucial role in many aspects of our lives. We use it to wash our hands, to drink, it is important to grow crops and a lot of water is also needed for industries. However, access to water is not self-evident. Many people have no access to safe drinking water, leading to illness and even death. And the pressure on water supplies continues to increase.

Within the program of ‘Sustainable Water’ Woord en Daad is working on access to clean water and a healthy environment for everyone. We do this together with partner organizations, businesses, governments and water boards.

Sustainable water in three subthemes:

  • Water and sanitation

In villages and schools we work on provision of clean drinking water, good hygiene and well-functioning sanitation for a healthy living and learning environment.

  • Water for food

Together with farmer co-operations we work on irrigation training, construction of water supplies and the use of innovative technologies, so that each drop of water is used efficiently for agriculture.

  • Water management

In collaboration with governments and water boards we work on good water management, so that the available water is fairly shared and used efficiently.


people aware of the importance of good hygiene


people with access to working sanitation


people reached with water for drinking and irrigation

Entrepreneur in the sanitation project in Bangladesh

‘For the first time in years, the last few months no one got ill in our family. We now have access to clean (drinking) water!’

Participant of the ‘Drops for Crops’ project in Burkina Faso

‘Before we always had a shortage of irrigation water. Now we can expand our production’

Support a healthy environment

Without the commitment and generosity of our donors, Woord en Daad would not be able to fulfill its tasks. It is for that reason that your donation is more than welcome.

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