Values based system change

We respond to the increased complexity of poverty causes by positioning into new roles and focussing interventions on sector level. With systemic change we aim to influence root causes of poverty and social-economic inequality. More than before, the scope of our programs will  include multiple levels of an area in which we work: national-level government policies, sector-level services, community-level attitudes, and personal-level skills, knowledge and a new way of thinking. We  commit to longer-term partnerships in selected target areas and work with a broader range of stakeholders. In our partnerships we seek to provide or influence strategic leadership in the implicated sector and bring in innovative capacity.

A new emphasis for our lobby experts working in Brussels and The Hague is to seek more collaboration and engagement with lobby activities of our Southern partners to support systemic changes, especially in relation to our policy themes. It is important for us to seek or negotiate for collaboration based on ethical practices that translate our core values. To realise this, we will pro-actively engage in value dialogue. To gain better understanding of stakeholders and political dynamics in the context, we will introduce (and use existing) tools for system mapping and monitoring. Within our partnerships, we aim to contribute to better decision-making in the sector based on reliable data and analysis, with a focus on inclusion. This allows strategies to be constantly adjusted  in response to trends and opportunities.

Read our annual progress report on our focal policy themes > Policy-Themes-Update-2023.pdf (