How we work

Woord en Daad is a project based organization. This means that we organize our work in projects. This allows us to work efficiently and flexibly, and to react quickly to new developments. The picture below shows the project based way of working.

The projects (thematic, regional, business development and internal) are central and focus on creating sustainable change for people living in poverty. ‘Strategy and Knowledge’ has a central place to facilitate interdependence and learning between and within the projects and programs. In order to realize our ambitions we colaborate in various manners with external parties and experts. Therefore, these externals have an important place within our project based work. Funding – both private and institutional – is indispensable for us to work on our mission. Funding allows us to work on sustainable change for people living in poverty worldwide. The Executive Board facilitates the project based approach and the optimal functioning of the project teams and the (self-managing) supporting teams. Concretely, this means that the Executive Board appoints a project leader for each project. Subsequently a project assignment is drawn up which describes the objective and results to be achieved through the project. The project assignment also gives an insight into the time needed by the project team to be invested. The project assignment also makes clear how the project is going to be covered by fundraising. Every month the project leader coordinates with the Executive Board about the ‘what’ of the project. The ‘how’ of the project can be filled in by the project leader himself within the framework of the approved project assignment. At the beginning of the project seed capital is allocated. The project leader is responsible for the fundraising and the composition of the project team. Thereby he can make use of the expert pools or the flexible staff (externals). HRM advices the project leader on the availability and adequacy of the project team members. The project leader makes arrangements with the project team members about their roles within the project and the expected results. The Resources shows the various (self-managing) teams that support the project teams.

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