How we work

Since 2016, Woord en Daad has worked with a project-based approach. This means there are no departments and managers. Organizing our work through projects is a deliberate choice that was initiated by our employees.

Woord en Daad’s project-based approach

Our project-based approach has arisen from our strong cooperation with external parties. Our previous hierarchical approach made it hard to work agile in teams. That was a real issue, and now our organizational structure has been changed to make that possible.

The figure shows the structure we use to manage our projects. The box on the left describes the facilitating units, which still employ the traditional hierarchal structure. These employees perform support tasks in projects, e.g. financial management or personnel policy.

Towards the right, the figure shows cogwheels, which make up the heart of the projects, the place where it all happens. These are either thematic, regional or internal projects. Project managers, who have been appointed by the Board of Directors, build their teams from a wide range of possible employees. A strategic meeting is periodically held to decide which projects will be funded based on our policy.

The fundraisers are stated at the bottom of the figure. They ensure enough money is raised to launch several of the chosen projects. The Board of Directors monitors this process, but also ensures that the independent project groups, which are self- directive, can function well.

The organization structure of Woord en Daad has been derived from the Organic Co-Creation Model. Core Commit developed and owns this model.

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