Woord en Daad has drawn up an integrity policy that describes what we mean by integrity, what we do to prevent unacceptable behaviour and how we act when such behaviour is reported. The policy is further explained below. We describe how unacceptable behaviour can be reported.

Core values ​​as a basis
Based on our Christian core values, we believe it is crucial our work is done with integrity. Rightly, high demands are placed on organizations to prevent or act in case of unacceptable behavior. It is important that all stakeholders can be confident that financial resources, (vulnerable) people and unequal relationships are handled with integrity. That is why integrity is important to Woord en Daad. Various guideline and procedures make this abundantly clear. The code of conduct is based on our core values ​​and describes what we mean by acting with integrity. The code of conduct forms the basis of our integrity policy.

Target group and content policy
In our integrity policy we focus on the internal organization, the many volunteers involved, the donors and on cooperation with (partner) organizations from countries we work in. The policy focuses on preventing integrity violations. It must therefore be clear when there is a violation; the code of conduct forms the framework for this. In addition, a system of “checks and balances” works with clear rules, agreements and control mechanisms. We also focus on acting appropriately when there is a report of non-ethical conduct. Finally, the policy focuses on sharing and discussing moral dilemmas to learn from. In addition to our own integrity policy, we expect partner organizations we work with to have their own integrity policy and to act accordingly. Partner organizations are also questioned by Woord en Daad on their own integrity policy.

How can I report unacceptable behavior?
Unacceptable behavior cannot be completely prevented. Therefore it is important that the people involved experience a culture in which they can submit a report (confidentially) knowing it will be handled with utmost care. Anyone who has come into contact with unacceptable behavior in the context of his or her involvement with Woord en Daad can report this in the following way:

  • Telephone: 0183-611800 (ask for the integrity advisor)
  • E-mail:

Whistleblower procedure
A situation may arise in which someone is forced to report a (suspicion of) abuse as a whistleblower. The whistleblower procedure describes how the whistleblower can report an abuse if internal procedures offer insufficient room for it. This concerns suspicions of work-related abuses that have major (social) consequences and that take place under the responsibility of Woord en Daad.

It is possible to report anonymously. Anonymous reports are processed, but can be difficult to investigate. A fair hearing is not possible and feedback to the reporter cannot be made.

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