Woord en Daad has drawn up an integrity policy that describes what we mean by integrity, what we do to prevent unacceptable behaviour and how we act when such behaviour is reported. The policy is further explained below. We describe how unacceptable behaviour can be reported.

Based on our Christian core values, we believe it is crucial that our work is done with integrity. Tough demands are quite rightly made on our organisation to prevent transgressive behaviour or to act appropriately if it does occur. After all, everyone involved in our work must be able to rely on the fact that we treat each other and the financial resources entrusted to us with honesty and integrity.

Integrity policy and code of conduct
Our integrity policy aims to prevent any form of transgressive behaviour. This takes the form of guidelines and procedures containing clear agreements that can also be monitored. At the same time, we know that transgressive behaviour cannot be completely ruled out. Therefore, we have also made agreements on how to act when we receive a report of (suspected) transgressive behaviour. Our code of conduct is an important part of our integrity policy because it describes the behaviour we expect from people involved in our work. To keep us permanently aware of this, regular attention is paid to the subject, for example by sharing and discussing moral dilemmas we may encounter in our work.

Reporting transgressive behaviour
If you have experienced any form of transgressive behaviour by someone involved in our work, we hope you will experience the safety to report it to us as soon as possible. Similarly, if you have concrete indications that transgressive behaviour has occurred, we would like to hear from you. There are various procedures that allow you to make your report confidentially. Naturally, we treat every report we receive with care.

Where can you report (suspected) transgressive behavior?
In this overview we explain to whom you can report (suspected) transgressive behaviour. You can also find out how to contact our confidential advisers.

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