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We live in a broken world.  That is what we see in the daily lives of people, in the countries we work.  In the life of Oudaegro from Burkina Faso, who faces a decline of his harvest each year.  In the life of Dina, who is not allowed to go to school in Haiti, and instead being used as a house slave.  In the life of Alamu, who is no longer able to sustain his family in Ethiopia, and who therefore is contemplating the dangerous journey to Europe. And in the life of Kate from the Philippines, who does not get dinner because her father does not earn enough money to sustain his family.

Still, the Bible invites us not to give up. In Colossians 3:2 Paul calls his brothers and sisters to:

“Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth”


Every person is created in the Image of God; and every person is equal.  That is why we are called to reflect God’s love and mercy, and pass it on.  In such a way, our mission becomes reality, as we strive to see visible signs of the Kingdom that will come.

Based on that mission, we want to take our responsibility to reach thousands of people like Oudaegro, Dina, Alamu, and Kate, through programs that connect and are life-changing.  We see that change, when Oudaegro gets a better harvest by using new techniques.  We see it when we lobby at the highest level for all children in Haiti, to be able to go to school irrespective of their backgrounds. When we work together with the government in Ethiopia, to offer a better future to young people in this country.  And we see the change, when realizing that Kate, partly thanks to her sponsors in The Netherlands, has become a strong and independent woman.


Woord en Daad is active in 22 countries worldwide, helping different vulnerable groups. Because we know: having people grow together within a country, they move together towards an independent existence. We connect people, organizations and sectors, within countries and across borders.

Through our programs – Agricultural Development, Awareness Raising, Sustainable Water, Education and Emergency Aid and Resilience – we have been working on sustainable change for 50 years.


We are Ouadegro, Dina, Alamu, and Kate.  We are farmers, fishermen, entrepreneurs, teachers, children and managers, all connected together.  We seize the opportunities needed to break the downward spiral of poverty.

We are volunteers, entrepreneurs, churches, young people and children in The Netherlands.  We feel connected to our neighbors far away.  Every shop, company, church and school class can – just like us – work together with people worldwide, for sustainable change from a biblical perspective.

Together we make the difference.  Because we are connected through Word ánd action – Woord én Daad. Will you join?

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