Woord en Daad connects people around the world. We work to sustainably transform people and societies so that every person can live as a dignified creation of God. A large group of donators, sponsors, businesses, civil society organizations and governments supports Woord en Daad. Some of them describe their experience with Woord en Daad.

Thijs de Jong
Chairman MarèJan

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MarèJan Foundation

Since the end of 2014, Woord en Daad has worked together with the MarèJan Foundation on a wide-ranging program for education, vocational education, agriculture, job placement, and business development in Sinendé, North Benin.

‘Woord en Daad is known as a reliable organization that works from Christian principles such as humanitarianism and charity. Via its partner organizations, Woord en Daad has been active in Benin for a long time, so it knows the context well. Furthermore, Woord en Daad views education – an important component of the program – as part of a bigger chain. A school is never an independent entity. Instead they examine how the young people can make the transition to economic activities. This fits in well with our way of thinking.’

Turing Foundation:

Via Woord en Daad this Amsterdam-based fund has supported various projects for primary and vocational education and sustainable agriculture in Benin and Burkina Faso since 2010. Van Rees and Vruggink reflect on the collaboration.

‘At Woord en Daad, primary and vocational education are clear priorities, and that fits within the Turing Foundation’s remit. Furthermore, we notice that Woord en Daad works according to a clear long-term vision. That the money follows the projects and not the other way round. This means that their approach is solid and it also inspires trust. Should our ways part then we know that the continuity of the projects is safeguarded. Solid and reliable; in our view these are the two typical characteristic that describe Woord en Daad.’

Minke van Rees
Director Education and Nature, Turing

Chantal Vruggink
Project Manager Education, Turing

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Henk de Pagter
Director de Pagter

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Foundation De Pagter

For more than twenty years Henk de Pagter has supported various projects of Woord en Daad in Asia, Africa and Central and South America. Initially in his role as a real estate entrepreneur and since 2002 as President of Stichting De Pagter Fonds.

‘Our initial conversations took place at the end of the 1990s. My company Kanters Bouwbedrijf BV was doing really well and I was incredibly busy running it. At the same time I wanted to do something for other people. I chose Woord en Daad because they work from a Christian identity and I find that important. At that time Woord en Daad still had a so-called projects book. Using that I looked how much I could afford to give each year. Our collaboration, however, soon became more intensive.’

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