Pro-poor climate resilience

We acknowledge that the world’s poor are most severely impacted by the effects of observed climate change. Therefore, this policy theme is closely related to reaching the unreached. People living in vulnerable contexts face even more hardship resulting from extreme weather, freshwater shortages and related issues like growing conflicts on natural resources and irregular migration. In the context of increasing pressure on their livelihoods, we aim to strengthen our target groups’ abilities to cope with changing conditions, and where possible benefit from climate change. To do this effectively we will develop tools to assess more precisely how climate change effects people’s daily lives. This will be a basis for developing relevant climate-resilience programs and searching new partners and donors. Our ambition to build climate resilience in poor communities will be supported by influencing policies of Dutch and EU institutions which have a direct effect on the resilience of our target groups, engaging in dialogue and awareness raising activities with our supporters base, and a sustainable corporate way of working (our CSR and ICSR policies).

Read our annual progress report on our focal policy themes > Policy-Themes-Update-2023.pdf (