Manual year 4

Over the last few months and weeks, we have been busy finalizing the manual of year 4 of our program to get it ready to be presented and approved by the Ministry of Education for implementation in 2024. The final year of the program will be very much project-focused to get teachers in a perpetual learning, improvement and project cycle, allowing them to continuously work on bettering the quality of education. This can be through projects on a personal level, classroom level or school level. The 4th year will use an adjusted and contextualized Q-tracker as a basis.

Data gathering

As it is the end of year, we have also been working hard on the gathering of data through our end of year survey. We are nearing 10,000 teachers who have answered the questions in the survey, which provides us with an enormous amount of data to be able to review and analyse to learn more about the impact of the program, our areas of growth and how we can connect our program with other initiatives in Guatemala.

We have been seeing many pictures appear in our online Facebook community in the last weeks as many teachers finalized their respective course year of the manual and have been receiving certificates for all their hard work. It is wonderful to see how, more and more, different stakeholders such as local government are also involving themselves in these celebratory moments. We see in this the increasing attention that teachers are getting in the communities, as well as an increase in awareness of the importance of teachers and the need to appreciate them for all the hard work they do with all the children in Guatemala.

Based on a quick survey of the approximate number of students per class, we have started to make an impact on over 3 million students in Guatemala in 2023 and we will continue to work hard on this in 2024!